Best Sagras in Tuscany to Enjoy

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It is quite hard for people to imagine how Tuscany would look during winters but people do know how it looks during summers as the romantic view of warm sunlight falling over vineyards, old architectural villas, and other Renaissance monuments paints an ideal picture. For this, summer is a special time to visit Tuscany. But if you feel like that the heat is too much for you then there are Tuscan coast villas which will allow you to enjoy Tuscany but from the cool beachside. By now you must have researched about the places to visit for sure, how about we make you a list of Sagras, which means Food Festivals so that you can enjoy a hearty meal right then if you get tired of all the history.


This is THE sagra of all the food festivals in the area. Located just north of Arezzo, the town of Bibbiena invites promotional agencies called pro-locos during June to set up a mini stand in the city center. You can purchase a mega ticket which will allow you to get to taste different dishes at each stand. What can you taste? tortelli alla Lastra, ravioli with spinach & ricotta, roast beef with truffles, gnocchi and so much more. It is like a food lover’s paradise. What’s more is that the itinerary guides you through the streets, museums and courtyards of Bibbiena. Here you will ultimately end up in the main square where there’s sure to be a street party with music, shows and of course dessert.


The “Ranocchiocciola” Festival puts forth two popular local dishes: the snail and the frog. Also, these two mostly make up the menu as both of these creatures are available in plenty in the lake Massaciuccoli. After having a filling meal, do stop by at the stunning lake along with the Roman villa located right beside it. What’s more is that you are also quite close to the coast and it would allow you to visit Versilia easily. What if you don’t like those two creatures as food? Don’t worry, there is a backup menu for people who prefer to not show their adventurous side when it comes to food.

Mercatale Val de Pesa

Another June festival, it tests your beef eating prowess. So if it is more than 3.429 kg then you might be able to take back home the grand prize. Located in the Chianti area this town will let you see how this Queen steak is cooked. The grills get fired up around 7 pm and lessons on how to grill a steak will be given by the experts around here. But if you want to also taste the delicacy then, of course, you are welcome to do so. Apart from just eating tones, there are a lot of places to stroll around and engage in site seeing.


Spring and early summer is the time to search for another type of mushroom- prugnolo. It is delicious and fragrant and is used in every course. You can taste crostini with a form of cream made from prugnoli mushrooms or tortelli mugellani long with a nice slice of roast beef with sautéed prugnoli mushrooms or with a mushroom sauce. As always, this is not all and you can enjoy bird watching in here after you had a filling meal.

Chianciano Terme

Held in the month of June, in this sagra, you will several variations on the theme in the area. Also if you like to wander about then you can also check out the nearby small town’s sagras. As for Chianciano Terme, it offers you a plate full of hand-rolled pici. Their recipe hails from the south-Sienese territory, located between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana. As such it has uncertain origins but what is sure is that the recipe is traditional. It is made from just flour and water and was once considered a dish for the poor peasant families. They also have their own club called Amatori Pici Chianciano. After enjoying the food you can turn towards the hot water spas of the town the next day, so as to relax down a bit.


As we all know, not everything needs to be put under fire as some are good just being served up fresh. Want to know the specialty of this town? Cherries. Nestled between Montelupo and Pistoia, this town has showcased its specialty for more than 23 years. They believe in just picking the fresh fruit from the tree and then eating it fresh. But if that’s not your pace then you can try out their duck recipe with cherries, biscotti lampo with canfiede almonds and cherries.


Livorno is where you want to be if you enjoy the summer festival the most sincere essentially, it is where it began. You can enjoy boat rides in the canal, music until late at night and picnics at the pier. Their dish isn’t just a recipe but as was the case with most dishes, this too had its origins in peasant poverty. To make this you have to mix several types of fish together in a rich tomato sauce and have it with toasted garlic bread. So enjoy the food and enjoy the activities.

Visiting up old monuments and buildings will surely satiate the history buff within who wants to soak up all the information available. Italy is a beautiful country and it is evident in each of its city. There are a lot of things to do in Florence, Tuscany and each of its cities. But if you want to cater to your inner foodie then heading over to these food festivals will be a good idea. What’s better is that it will allow you to visit little-known areas and know about their customs. So it will be a like whole new culture to explore.

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