Weird Things to Do in New Zealand

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1. Get a snap with the L&P bottle

Lemon & Paeroa, or L&P, is the nation’s favourite soft drink. Kiwis love to chug, swig and slurp the drink so much that they built a giant bottle of the stuff. Seven metres high, you won’t miss it if you’re in the town of Paeroa, just 90 minutes outside Auckland.

2. Search for The Simpsons

In New Zealand’s Springfield you won’t find Marge or Homer but you will see a classic Simpsons donut. Seems like when you like something in New Zealand you make a giant version of it, and why not? So when The Simpsons Movie came out in 2007 that’s exactly what this Springfield did.

3. Get wet in Wellington

Wellington’s Cuba Mall is home to a structure made of buckets all filled with water. The water spills down to the fountain but along the way it splashes passers-by and has become a bit of an attraction. Come the weekend, you know it’s party time when bubbles are added to the fountain and fill the mall.

Fun fact, Elijah Wood once peed in this fountain. Dirty Frodo Baggins.

4. See the big kiwi

You can’t go all the way to New Zealand and not try a kiwi. Not the bird, the fruit. Te Puke is the kiwi capital and while you can taste the delightful green stuff here, you can also take your picture beside the town’s giant kiwi. Told you they liked making big versions of things.

Big Kiwi fruit New Zealand

5. Go crazy for gumboots

Gumboots are wellies, for anyone who didn’t know. While in the UK we might only dig them out for festival season, in New Zealand they’re a wardrobe staple. The town of Taihape celebrates their love for the rubber footwear by hosting a gumboot festival at Easter, where you can toss the boot and, again, get a picture with a giant one.

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